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If you're one of the millions suffering from sleep problems….

you've probably heard an abundance of explanations as to why. I'm sure doctors have suggested sleeping pills, cutting out coffee, or eliminating stress. But the reality is, none of these will solve the REAL problem.

That's because you've been LIED to.

At least, by omission.

Because these remedies only address the symptoms of insomnia.
They do not acknowledge the cause. The truth is, there is a very simple, ingenious way to put an end to your sleep problems for good.

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6 months ago.

i was on the brink of


I'm Kevin.

...and as you may have guessed,
I'm no stranger to sleepless nights.

Insomnia almost cost me my marriage, my career, and even put my health seriously at risk.

That is, until I discovered an amazing invention that would end up curing my sleep problems forever.

Now - pay close attention, because I don't want you to make the same mistakes I did.

You can still turn it around before it's too late.

By the time you finish reading this, you'll be filled with confidence and excitement. Because you'll know that you never have to suffer from insomnia ever again.

Here is

my story


I'm 42 years old, and as I mentioned before, I've had my share of problems with sleep.

I was always a happy-go-lucky kind of guy. I had a great life, blessed with a wonderful family, and happy, healthy relationships.

Little did I know, that would all come crumbling down.

My insomnia started about 10 years ago.

At first it was mild, but over time it became more severe. I'm not a particularly stressed or high-strung individual...

...but for some reason, when it came to shutting down at night, it just wasn't happening for me.

Unfortunately, my marriage, my career, and my physical health slowly began to deteriorate.

great job

I once had a great job that I was very successful at...
Constantly praised for my superior skills, motivation, and quality of work.

amazing wife

I had an amazing wife, Gina, who I met on a blind date many moons ago. We were inseparable. I fell in love with her positive outlook on life. I supported her in every way, and she reciprocated.

two kids

Even after two kids, our marriage stayed solid.
We were thrilled by the joy of parenting.

That is, until insomnia got the best of me.

As my sleep problems progressed over the years...
My performance at work slowly started to decline.

The more time that passed, the less functional I became.

I couldn't remember basic things. I overlooked critical details. Ultimately, I couldn't do the tasks expected of me.

I was honest with my superiors about what was going on. Although they seemed understanding, I could tell they were growing frustrated.

I felt the pressure building, fearing the day my company would inevitably have to let me go.

Not to mention, the added stress about potentially losing my job made the insomnia even worse.

I spent my nights lying awake in bed, anticipating the long day ahead of me...and the expectations I knew I would not meet.

I began to develop serious anxiety and depression, and my moodiness made it quite unpleasant for my coworkers.

Then one day, my boss broke the news that the company could no longer employ me.

Even though I saw it coming, I was still shocked.

I couldn't believe insomnia
literally cost me my job.

Not only did I sabotage my career, my bond with Gina was slowly breaking.

Marriages are most often threatened by betrayals, anger, or lack of trust. Never would I have guessed insomnia would be the thing to tear us apart.

It started with small things. Like on our dinner date nights, I could never focus long enough to hold a conversation, or absorb anything she said.

She hated that.

My moodiness also caused me to snap at her a lot, even though I didn't really mean it. I had adopted a very pessimistic mindstate...and my negativity was bringing her down.

I knew I was driving her crazy,
and the resentment was building.
I knew I was driving
her crazy, and the resentment was building.

You could see the impact on my body too. I was always in top shape. Now I had gained a ton of weight.

I was becoming less and less attractive to Gina.

No doubt this led to a serious dry spell in intimacy. And who could blame her?

On top of all that, sleeping next to someone who is tossing and turning all night long began to affect her own quality of sleep. We began to argue all the time. She told me I was not the same person she married.

Jobless. Unattractive. A grumpy, negative and unpleasant shadow of my former self.

I had

a hard time accepting my

New reality
The problem was,
nothing seemed to help.

I tried the natural options - cutting out caffeine, meditating, drinking chamomile tea. No caffeine was rough. I was more tired than ever. But most importantly, it did not make a difference.

I tried sleeping pills, but their negative side effects far outweighed the benefits. They made me groggy. I felt like a zombie every day. I couldn't focus, and I definitely was not productive by any means.

Worst of all, sleeping pills are highly addictive.


Not to mention, acquiring them requires a doctor's visit and a prescription. That's extra money and time I didn't have. While sleeping pills may provide temporary relief, you're really just slapping a bandaid on to conceal a deeper problem.

And all the while none of these solutions were working…

The impacts of
my sleep deprivation
were getting worse.
Gina was at her wits end. She finally
told me she needed some space.

I moved in with my brother. The feeling of
not seeing my kids every day was

I missed my wife.

I missed my job.

I missed being the providermy
family could count on.

I couldn't be the husband my wife
deserved, or the father my kids needed.

I had lost control.

I wanted my old life back.

If you've ever suffered from sleep problems in your life,
you can understand the feeling.

You're sick to death of the tossing and turning...

Of waking up with zero energy...

Trying so hard to be productive, when you are completely consumed by exhaustion…

Of living with the constant concern that you will disappoint your family, friends, and coworkers.

You may not have reached the low point that I did (yet).. but it could happen to you too, if you don't get your insomnia under control.

I knew I needed professional help.

I went to the doctor and explained I had been struggling with sleep problems for almost a decade.

He ran a bunch of tests to make sure I had no underlying diseases that could be causing them. Everything came up negative. It was simply a severe case of insomnia.


Nevertheless, he said if I didn't intervene soon, it would only go downhill from there.

That's because lack of sleep could lead to a slew of health problems.

According to the National Institutes of Health,

getting less than 7 hours a night can put you at greater risk for:

  • 1.Obesity and weight gain
  • 2.Cardiovascular disease
  • 3.Weakened immune system
  • 4.Memory loss
  • 5.Clouded judgment
  • 6.Poor mental function
  • 7.Stroke
  • 8. ...and diabetes
Sleep is critical for memory and cognitive function.
And unfortunately, the risk of brain deterioration from poor sleep gets worse with age.

They also say insomniacs are more likely to develop mental health problems such as depression, anxiety, mood swings, and paranoia.

I certainly had that part down.

More serious disorders include mania, delirium, and even psychosis - especially in elderly individuals.

But gets freakier.

Recent studies show, a long-term pattern of poor sleep can actually shorten your life expectancy!

Determined to turn this prophecy around,

i decided it was time to

Take action
Our digital devices could be to blame.

But the reason is different than you might think.

It's not because your smartphone is bombarding you with heaps of information when you should be trying to shut your brain off…

or because you're getting distracted by late night text messages…

or the storyline from your favourite TV show is over-stimulating your mind.


It has to do with certain light waves that are emitted by these devices.
The first step, was to figure out the casuse

What exactly is keeping me up at night?

If it isn't stress, and it's not caffeine, and I have no underlying illnesses, then what could it be?

I had to think outside of the box. So I started researching.

Thanks to several recent studies on sleep deprivation... scientists think they may have figured out the cause. They say...

Our digital devices could be to blame.

But the reason is different than you might think.

It's not because your smartphone is bombarding you with heaps of information when you should be trying to shut your brain off…

or because you're getting distracted by late night text messages…

or the storyline from your favourite TV show is over-stimulating your mind.

It has to do with certain light waves that are emitted by these devices.

Blue light has the highest energy wavelength of all the visible colors in the electromagnetic spectrum. And for humans, it actually serves a very important purpose.

Natural blue light from the sun regulates our circadian rhythms. That's because it has a direct impact on melatonin - the hormone which controls sleep.


Melatonin release begins a couple of hours before bedtime and peaks in the middle of the night.

Blue light is like a cue - a signal for your body to stop producing melatonin.

This lets your brain know it's time to be awake and alert.

Since the dawn of our species, our sleep cycles have been governed by the rising and setting of the sun.

Even with advent of controlled fire, we would still fall asleep and wake up in accordance with the sun's blue light waves.


That's because fire doesn’t emit the same kind of damaging blue light that modern living exposes us to - artificial blue light, that is.

That's where it gets tricky.

We discussed that the sun is a natural source of blue light.

But blue light is also produced artificially by your smartphone, tablet, TV, computer and home lighting.


Problem is, exposure to these devices in the evening blocks melatonin production.

So instead of getting sleepy, your brain is receiving the signal that it should be awake.

That means, while you're innocently watching your favorite TV shows at night…

or browsing the internet…


or scrolling through social media…

your brain is unknowingly being tricked into thinking it’s daytime.

With all the technology in the world today, we are constantly exposed to blue light.

Now it made total sense.

My insomnia started later in life and then got progressively worse.

I had no trouble sleeping when I was young. And, I actually heard similar stories from friends.

Then I realized, not only do I spend a ton of time on the computer during the day,

I'm also always on my phone - reading articles, news, blogs, all that stuff - at night.

I began to see the correlation between the prevalence of digital devices (and the time we spend on them)...and the progression of my insomnia.

Now that I had a potential cause of my sleep problems, I decided to do a little experiment.


I cut out all digital devices after sundown.

No phone, no computer, no TV, barely any lighting except a dim lamp.

The results were remarkable.

After about two weeks, I was surprised to find I was actually falling asleep early - and sleeping through the night.

Try it for yourself!
  • 1.Cut out all digital devices after sundown.
  • 2.No phone, computer, tablets, TV.
  • 3.Keep lighting as dim as possible.
  • 4.Do this for two weeks.
  • 5.See if you fall asleep faster!

However, while this was an effective way to determine whether or not blue light was the cause of my sleep issues...

Cutting out
all digital devices every night is not a sustainable solution.

The reality is, most of us are going to be looking at our phones…

working on our computers…

and for sure - watching our favorite Netflix series - after the sun has set.

favorite series
There had to be a better way.

If only I could figure out a way to isolate and filter out these particular light waves.

I just needed tool that could do it.

After reading one of her articles on the subject of blue light, I reached out to a psychologist and academic scholar who specializes in sleep problems.

She told me about
Dream Elements
Anti Blue Light Glasses.


Little did I know, this simple tip was about to turn my life around…
and help countless others break free from the chains of insomnia. She explained...

Dream Elements Anti Blue Light Glasses work by filtering out UV and blue light emissions.

This makes sure melatonin production is not halted,
and that your brain doesn’t get the signal that it’s supposed to be awake.

So how exactly do you use Dream Elements glasses to get results?

Wear Your Glasses
After Sundown

Wear your Dream Elements Anti Blue Light Glasses while using your electronic devices at night, to ensure your brain isn't tricked into thinking it's supposed to be awake.

Reset Your Broken
Internal Sleep Clock

Continue this simple routine each night to revert your circadian rhythm back to its natural cycle. This way your brain knows to produce melatonin after dark, as it is meant to do.

Sleep Soundly and
Wake Up Refreshed

The natural increase in melatonin allows you to fall asleep quickly and stay asleep all night long. The result: waking up refreshed and energized every day - just like when you were a kid!

My first thought was…

How could I not have known about these glasses until now?

  • They allow you to use your devices freely without worrying about blue light exposure.
  • They are lightweight, stylish and comfortable to wear for long periods of time.
  • They don't come with any of the negative side effects that the other alternatives do.

So why don't doctors recommend these to their patients?

It's because they don't even know about them!

The science behind the blue light phenomenon has been kept on the hush.

If people started actually treating the cause of their sleep problems ….not just the symptoms…

Pharmaceutical companies could lose billions.

They don't want that kind of science out there.


So I decided to try them for myself.

I like to explore my options, so I researched a bunch of other brands. Most were disappointing. I found them to be cheap, bulky, ugly, or uncomfortable.

A lot of them don't have good quality lenses, or don't block enough blue light to actually be effective.

I don't want some flimsy glasses that are going to break after only a few times of wearing them.

I was looking for lightweight, durable ones, that ideally look as flattering as possible.

Dream Elements met all my requirements
  • Their glasses have high-quality, amber-tinted lenses which filter out UV and blue light emissions.
  • They are comfortable, lightweight and well-constructed.
  • They're also the only glasses that use Blue Maxguard protection - Dream Elements' proprietary technique for maximizing the filtration of UV and blue light rays while also effectively relieving eye strain.
  • …and, they actually look great.

These glasses are the only reason I'm back on track with restful sleep…and I didn't have to toss my smartphone and cancel my Netflix subscription to do it!

And, they have countless clinical studies to back their claims.

This study published in Applied Ergonomics in London, England shows that exposure to blue light emitting devices are linked to an increased risk for sleep disorders due to blocking the production of melatonin. 1


This study of the body's circadian rhythm exposed subjects at night to a 60 min bright light pulse while wearing orange lens glasses (experimental condition) or grey lens glasses (control condition). They found the orange lens glasses (anti blue light) showed "an elegant means to prevent the light-induced melatonin suppression." 2


Harvard Medical School discusses a study comparing melatonin levels of people exposed to bright indoor light while wearing anti blue light glasses, to those exposed to regular dim light without the glasses. Melatonin levels were found to be the same, showing not only that "blue light is a potent suppressor of melatonin," but that blue blocking glasses may be just as effective at preventing melatonin suppression as eliminating nightly blue light exposure all together. 3

After a month of wearing them, I was sleeping better than ever.

I was finally falling asleep faster, sleeping through the night...

and waking up feeling GOOD

And with healthier sleep patterns, came the life-changes.


I quickly started losing weight. I was getting my old body back.


My mind sharpened, my memory was on point. My motivation was back.


I felt energized. I had the focus I needed to be attentive to my loved ones.


And, my doctor said my physical health improved tenfold.


I began applying to jobs, and was lucky to get hired by a fantastic company.

Believe it or not, I'm even happier with my new position than I ever was at my old job.

After Gina saw the changes I had made, she was more than impressed.

We rekindled the flame.

I moved back into our home. I am overjoyed to see my kids every day after work

...and still have enough energy to play with them.

I had gotten my life back.

That's all because of
Dream Elements Anti Blue Light Glasses.

Real People, Real Results.

Sleeping Better is as Easy as Sliding on Your Spectacles.

Get your own pair of

Dream Elements

Anti Blue Light


...and you too can say goodbye to insomnia for good.

After reaching out to the company to express my gratitude for essentially saving my life, Dream Elements asked me to be their spokesperson.

Of course, I graciously accepted the offer.

Not only was I a real life customer,

I was on a mission to share their miracle product with the world.

I want others to have the same experience I did, and to embrace this life change that will literally turn their universe around.

I know you want that life

Imagine how successful you could be if you got the amount of sleep you need to perform at your peak.


Imagine how much better you will feel every morning when you wake up full of energy, excited for the day ahead.


Imagine looking in the mirror, and seeing a fit, healthy, more attractive you.


Imagine being sharper, smarter, stronger... Imagine what this version of yourself can accomplish.

You'd give anything to overcome your insomnia.

I'm sure you've tried all the home remedies and sleeping pills just as I did.

But you already know they either don't work…
or they come with a host of debilitating side effects.

Who wants to waste time and money on these? Or risk their health?

Plus, as mentioned earlier, these only alleviate the symptoms, and do not address the cause.

Dream Elements
Anti Blue Light Glasses are the solution you've been looking for

Studies show - when you wear Anti Blue Light Glasses, your brain produces just as much melatonin as it would if it were dark.

That means consistent, better quality sleep - every night.

These glasses improve your sleep patterns by...


Supporting a healthy circadian rhythm


Promoting melatonin production and REM sleep


Helping you fall asleep faster


Allowing you to sleep through the night


start sleeping



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In other words…

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Frequently Asked Questions
Yes. Wearing Dream Elements Anti Blue Light Glasses at night will block the blue light rays that make you feel awake. Since exposure to blue light in the evening hinders melatonin production, protecting your eyes from those emissions will allow your body to produce melatonin as it should after the sun goes down. This ensures you will get tired when you are supposed to, and can fall asleep easily.
Yes. Wearing these glasses every evening will help regulate your circadian rhythm, and get you into a pattern of consistent quality and quantity of sleep.
No. Wearing these glasses will allow you to use your devices freely after dark without affecting your sleep or health.
Yes. They are one size fits all, and they look great on both men and women.
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Rest You Need to Feel